Lou Pitavin, Val Maira

This year it’s my first 50th birthday. Not in the mood for a big party I decide to get away and celebrate in one of my favorite regions, the Piemont. I wrote a lot about this area at my Gletscherhorn homepage. Of course Gaby is with me but also my mother and Henny, Gaby’s sister and her husband Uwe.

We live at one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever been to. Not one of the big 4* or 5* hotels but a small ‚locanda‘ called Lou Pitavin. It’s an old building that has been restored and expanded, outside a small village called Marmora in the upper Val Maira. Marco and Valeria manage the hotel – Valeria is in charge of the kitchen while Marco takes care of the service. And they do it in a very adorable and also professional way. Just perfect.

Every evening we have a 7 courses dinner which actually are 9 courses as the desert includes 3 different deserts: a little cake, a semifreddo and a third desert in a glass, could be a Tiramisú or a apple crunch. It’s fantastic and every day the highlight of the day.

The first day (Sunday) is a grey day. Fog and a little rain. We go for a walk to the next village and up a little hill where we have a picnic at an old chapel.

The next day we take the car and go up to a pass that is above the clouds. We go for a 6 hours hike with beautiful views about the river Po plains that are lying underneath the clouds.

Tuesday is grey and wet again. We go to Dronero, a small city at the entrance to Val Maira. On our way back we stopp by for another little hiking tour. 2 hours through woods. Hoping for porcini we only find some chestnuts. But we get some appetite for dinner…

Wednesday it rains cats and dogs. And probably some more animals. All day long. Nevertheless we drive up the valley to Campo Base, a campsite at the end of the Val Maira. We go for a 2 hours tour although it’s raining. We are so tough.

Then we have lunch at Campo Base that has also a little (and good) restaurant. We only wanted some appetizers but we got a meal. Thank good we have some hours left to gain some appetite: 7 courses are waiting for us at Lou Pitavin but we are really tough and do it all.

Next day we head back over the clouds. Another 6 hours hiking tour. Quite tough but with beautiful views. And a really well earned dinner.

Friday. Our last day. We take the car to the other side of the Val Maira. A short stop at Elva and then a tour that starts in the sun and ends in fog.

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3 Antworten zu Lou Pitavin, Val Maira

  1. Kathy Langenberg schreibt:

    Hi Thomas, Hi Gaby!

    Happy Happy 50th Birthday, Thomas, from far away Boston! It definitely looked like a wonderful way to celebrate and having a lot of fun too.

    We love to read about your travels and see the beautiful photography! What wonderful photos from your new camera!

    Doug and I really loved the hotel, Lou Pitavin and think we would certainly enjoy ourselves there too…how so very beautiful! And the food looks delicious, yum!

    We were very impressed with the scenery of your hikes…how spectacular! We couldn’t get over how high above the clouds you were…we have nothing like it in the States!

    Great hearing from you!

    Our best to both of you and your family.

    Fondly, Kathy & Doug

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